IITF designs short courses in niche areas of tax and finance.

In a world where people do not always have time to spend time on elaborate programs, these short courses are aimed at giving vital new information and/ or updates on existing information to those who seek it.

The short courses vary in length, but to a maximum of 6 weeks.  These courses are not examined, and therefore no qualification is issued.  They are purely for information purposes only, however, they do count towards the CPD points of various professional bodies.

This includes unique study material and lectures via the IITF internet based lecture theatre, so these courses can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Current short courses on offer are:

  1. HDip Tax Refresher Course – (South Africa Specific).

We are currently working on developing the following short courses:

Financial Services (South Africa)

  1. Broker-in-a-Box
  2. FSB RE Exam Course

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