International Institute for Tax & Finance (IITF) offers an intellectually rich and stimulating array of academic programs and workshops.  These are all taught by our distinguished and uniquely accessible faculty in a highly supportive atmosphere.  The programs and workshops are delivered on an international basis, but some have specific reference to particular jurisdictions.

Our student-centered academic programs and workshops are engaging and interactive, and offers balanced, comprehensive curriculum that will prepare our graduates/ attendees for practice in any area of taxation and finance.

All program materials are delivered through the CAMPUS system, via the internet and lectures are conducted live via The IITF online lecture facility, every week, and are fully interactive. This interactive system gives students a truly unique study environment that assists with balancing already busy professional lives.

The academic programs are split into the following categories:

Career Programs

The International Institute for Tax & Finance in conjunction with its international partners has designed 3 post graduate programs.

The programs on offer are: