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START DATE: 1st Week April.

Induction Week: TBC on application

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COURSE APPLICATION FORM: Higher Diploma in Taxation

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  • Course Cost: US$ 2,300.00

    *All prices are quoted in US$ as the IITF is an international institution and deals with students in over 20 African countries – please convert to your local currency.

    Payment Terms:

    • 25% to be paid on or before start date

    Payment instructions will be sent to you on confirmation of application.


    If a student is unable to make payment in full, the student may apply to the student liaison to pay the fees off in 4 equal payments. These payments must be concluded within the first semester.

    In extreme cases, IITF will extend its payment conditions, but a full application for this relaxation will need to be made to the Course Convenor. The Student Liaison will assist with this.

    On submission of this form, the student liaison will contact you to make the required arrangements.

  • Course fees are US$ 2,300.00. Please select a payment option below.
  • IMPORTANT: Terms & Conditions

  • This Application Form constitutes a binding agreement between The IITF and The Student. This Agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions and the parties agree to be bound thereby.


    1. The Name of The Course applied for with this Application Form is stipulated at the top of this Application Form under the highlighted heading "COURSE APPLICATION FORM" and will be referred to in the terms & conditions as "The Course";
    2. The Commencement Date for course applied for in this application is per the date at the top of this application highlighted as "START DATE";
    3. "The IITF" referred to in these terms and conditions is short for "The International Institute for Tax & Finance";
    4. "The Student" referred to in these terms and conditions refers to The Student, The Student's Agent and/ or the party who is responsible for the payment of The Student's tuition;
    5. "The Effective Date" of these terms & conditions is the date at which The Student submits this Application Form to The IITF by clicking on the SUBMIT button here below.


    You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of the total tuition fees need to be paid no later than 2 weeks before the start of The Course to secure your place. (This deposit is non-refundable, but will be deducted from your tuition fees). The balance of the tuition fees must be paid as per the arrangement with the student liaison.

    Failure to pay the 25% deposit prior to the start of the course DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY EXCLUDE YOU from the course - by SUBMITTING this application form the full cancellation terms and conditions will apply, as detailed below.


    The cancellation of registration for The Course should be undertaken in writing. Any student who discontinues attendance of The Course without notifying the relevant Program Manager in WRITING will remain LIABLE FOR THE PAYMENT of the tuition fees due for the entire year. Completion of this Application form will be regarded as a legally binding contract between the IITF and the The Student.

    The position with regard to the payment of fees on cancellation of registration is as follows:

    Should a student withdraw from The Course more than two weeks prior to the commencement of the course, no cancellation fee will be charged, but thereafter the 25% deposit will be forfeited.

    In the case of a student wanting to postpone attendance on The Course to a future in take the student will be required to pay the 25% deposit (if not already done so) and an administration fee of US$ 100.00.

    If cancellation takes place prior to the start of the second semester of The Course, The Student is liable for payment of a cancellation fee equivalent to 60% of the tuition fee. The balance of the fees exceeding this will be refunded to the student or sponsor (if already paid). The student will also be liable for any further course material issued for future modules.

    If cancellation takes place at any time after the start of the second semester, The Student is liable for payment of the full tuition fee for that course should their tuition not be paid in full at this stage. No refund will be due to the delegate of tuition fees paid in full at this stage.


    While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the advertised course. The IITF reserves the right to change course dates, sites or location or omit event features, postpone the course, or merge the course with another course, as it deems necessary without penalty and in such situations no refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made provided such changed event remains substantially unaltered from the subject matter of the original scheduled course.


    In the event that The IITF:

    1. permanently cancels the Course (including, but not limited to any force majeure occurrence); and,
    2. the Student has paid the Total Contract Price;

    the Student shall have the option to receive either a credit voucher for the amount that The Student has paid to The IITF for such Course, valid for up to one year to be used for any other IITF Course, or to receive a refund of monies paid to The IITF.


    All information supplied by The IITF in connection with this Agreement and Course, including the names of participants, is confidential and for Student's use only. The parties agree that such information may not be conveyed to any third party for any purpose. All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by The IITF is expressly reserved and any unauthorized duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited.


    By clicking on the SUBMIT button below, you, The Student accepts the following statements and also accepts that the clicking of the SUBMIT button is the substitution of The Student's signature for this Application. (If you are not sure of the implications below please do not hesitate to contact the Program Manager).

    1. I, The Student, hereby certify that I have provided accurate information in this application. I, The Student,authorize The IITF to verify my credentials;
    2. I, The Student, understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in my application may justify denial of admission, cancellation of admission or withdrawal from The Course at the discretion of The IITF;
    3. I, The Student, understand the Terms & Conditions stipulated above and also acknowledge that I, The Student, clearly understand the CANCELLATION policies detailed in the Terms & Conditions;
    4. I, The Student, understand that by clicking on the SUBMIT button below that I, The Student, are legally bound to the terms and conditions of this application.

    BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM: Please print a copy of the application form for your records once you have completed it.

  • Please note that you will not be able to submit this form without accepting and understanding the Terms & Conditions as set out above. You are required to do the following to complete the application process:

    - Accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking on the check box below - Entering your full name as described in the area below - Entering your identification number as described below

    By completing and submitting this form you agree to the Terms & Conditions as set out above and agree that they are binding to you.
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