Advanced Diploma in Tax Procedural Law Brochure

Advanced Diploma in Tax Procedural Law Brochure2016-10-13T13:59:08+02:00

Applications for the Advanced Diploma in Tax Procedural Law program are now being accepted by IITF.


This course is a full academic year Post Graduate course.

The course starts in the first week of April – The full curriculum will be sent to you on completion of application.

* Please note that the IITF have the right to change the timing of this course, as long as they remain in line with the requirements of the necessary accreditation authorities.


  • This is a distance learning course. All notes and lecture material will be made available via the internet;
  • A short assignment must be completed after each section;
  • LIVE lectures will be conducted on the internet via our Online classroom every week;
  • An exam will be written after each module.


  1. New Tax Administration Act (as per amendments)
  2. Taxpayer rights and the Constitution;
  3. Introduction to Tax Administration in South Africa;
  4. The SARS Act and its importance in policing the powers of SARS;
  5. Tax and the Constitution and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act with special reference to extensive research by Daniel N. Erasmus in his major thesis on the topic;
  6. How to prepare for a Tax Audit, including a 7 step approach to managing Tax Risk through practical management principles;
  7. Tax Administration, the right to Privacy and Property, The Judicial Review of Administrative Action, The Legitimate Expectations Doctrine, and other relevant Constitutional issues;
  8. Dispute Resolutions with an emphasis on the letter of findings, reasons for an assessment, objection to an assessment, ADR, Tax Appeals and review applications to the High Court;
  9. Advanced Tax Rulings;
  10. Suspension of Payment and remission of interest and penalties;
  11. SARS investigative and inquiry provisions;
  12. Powers of SARS on refunds and other tax payment provisions; and
  13. Anticipated legislation on Tax Administration and potential problems for SARS and the taxpayer.


  • US$ 1,980.00* once off; or
  • Payment terms (4 equal payments) can be arranged – please speak to ;
  • Excludes prescribed books.

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT: PAY ONLY US$ 1,683.00 (-15% on full price) if full fees are paid within 10 days of application submission.

*All prices are quoted in US$ as the IITF is an international institution and deals with students in over 20 African countries – please convert to your local currency.


  • Silke on Tax Administration – LexisNexis
  • Tax Intelligence (xLibris)- Prof. Daniel N. Erasmus


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  • Prof. Daniel N. Erasmus
  • Kerry Watkin