About I/I/T/F

The I/I/T/F started in 2005 as a small short course training institution, but in 2008 took the move to partner with international universities offering full postgraduate qualifications focussing primarily.

Over time the I/I/T/F has expanded its offering, which now extends to a specialist collaboration platform for tax professionals.  However, the backbone remains education.

Through a variety of platforms, I/I/T/F offers postgraduate diplomas and online learning as well as the ability for tax professionals to develop their own courses, webinars and tax-based content.


Registered Office: Mauritius

Administration: EU

Delivery Philosophy

The I/I/T/F offers an intellectually rich and stimulating array of academic materials.  These are all developed by the tax professionals participating in the collaboration platform.

All materials are delivered via the internet. This interactive system gives members a truly unique environment that assists with balancing already busy professional lives.

The Phoenix Motif symbolises the strength and renewal which, in this case, takes place through enhancing knowledge.

Postgraduate Education

Postgraduate education is conducted through the parent brand, I/I/T/F.

Education Philosophy

The I/I/T/F offers an intellectually rich and stimulating array of postgraduate courses.  These are all taught by our distinguished and uniquely accessible faculty in a highly supportive atmosphere.  The programs and workshops are delivered on an international basis, but some have specific reference to particular jurisdictions.

Our student-centred academic programs and workshops are engaging and interactive, and offers balanced, comprehensive curriculum that will prepare our graduates/ attendees for practice in any area of taxation and finance.

All program materials are delivered via the internet and lectures are conducted live via the I/I/T/F online lecture facility, every week. This interactive system gives students a truly unique study environment that assists with balancing already busy professional lives.

Co-operation Network

Accreditation Partner – Middlesex University 

Middlesex University is a large London based university with a history in higher education dating from 1878. In 1992 we were granted the Royal Charter allowing us to use the title university. We offer a broad range of courses We offer a broad range of courses, delivered by our three academic faculties of Arts and Creative Industries, Professional and Social Sciences and Science and Technology, structured to closely align teaching and learning with industry. We have over 40,000 students studying on Middlesex courses worldwide, both at our own campuses and also with partner institutions, making us one of the largest providers of British university education to international students.

Delivery Partner – InformaConnect

InformaConnect is borne out of Informa’s rich history in enhancing individuals and businesses with knowledge. Our learning solutions equip professionals with the capabilities and network they need to progress and drive performance. Our insider knowledge is built upon our heritage, our network, and our experience. Over 40 years we’ve built industry-leading learning brands including Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and the International Faculty of Finance (IFF), tapping into Informa’s global network of unique resources and networks such as Informa Global Markets, Pharma Intelligence, Routledge and Taylor & Francis. We’re proud to be working with some of the best businesses, universities and 10,000+ professionals around the globe.

Training Partners

  • Rasmus Tax LLC – USA
  • TPA-Global – Netherlands
  • Andersen Tax – West Africa
  • Pieterse TRM Erasmus – Southern Africa

Technology Partners

  • Informa Connect – UK
  • Royalty Range – Global
  • purplRocket – EU

Welcome from Dr Daniel N. Erasmus (course convener)

 Welcome to the I/I/T/F.  We hope that your experience will be fulfilling and enjoyable.

Studying by Distance Education is challenging, but it offers great flexibility, and means that you can study from anywhere in the world.

All the academic members associated with the I/I/T/F courses are experts in their field. The structure of the programmes are both theory and practice oriented, and it is designed in a manner to enrich your advisory and consulting skills.

How much you get out of the programmes depends on how much you put in, in terms of contributing, listening and responding to the contributions of others, and in terms of relating material considered on the programme to your professional practice.

We look forward to getting to know you all and in having a productive relationship with you.

Past Students

 The IITF has trained well over 12,500 students since 2007 from multi-national corporations to Revenue services

Revenue Services Include:


Corporations Include:

Accenture, ArcelorMittal, Barclays, BMW, Danfoss, Deloitte, E&Y, Ericsson, KPMG, Mazars, MTN, Nampak, PepsiCo, PwC, SAB Miller, Thomson Reuters, Unilever, Zurich Insurance

The International Academy of Tax Law (A/T/L) is the tax education division of I/I/T/F.

A/T/L started in 2005 as a niche, short course training institution; however, in 2008 took the move to offer full postgraduate qualifications focussing primarily on various aspects of tax law.

Tax Law is an ever-changing landscape with legislators constantly trying to plug the so-called “tax gap“.  These changes make tax law (globally) more complex, creating a dynamic and complex arena for organisations to function.  For this reason, A/T/L has a somewhat different approach to “traditional” universities when teaching tax law.  The A/T/L academic faculty consists of practising tax experts who draw on their extensive knowledge in dealing with very complex matters to deliver courses that are not only of the highest academic quality but are up-to-the-minute current with any new developments.

The members of the faculty practice tax law in many jurisdictions around the world, making them ideal candidates to lecture on A/T/L courses.

A/T/L offers various courses in tax law, including International Taxation, Transfer Pricing and other specialised tax law subjects.  The qualifications range from practical certificate courses, postgraduate certificates and diplomas to Masters (MSc) programmes.

A/T/L has partnered with industry and educational leaders to deliver these market-leading courses.

Learn Today

The Tax Journal is an aggregation of news and information distributed through the web, a newsletter, social media and podcasts.

It also allows any tax professional to publish their articles and information pieces to peers in a broader base.

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e-Bright is an online learning platform that takes professionals in TP, Tax, business solutions and legal on a learning journey. The world is changing faster than ever demanding professionals to widen their skillset. Nowadays gaining and maintaining practical knowledge is necessary for you and your organization.

I/I/T/F and e-Bright share a collaboration partnership, sharing platforms to their respective user base.

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