There are a number of questions that are repeatedly asked to IITF about our programs and courses. For quick reference we have detailed some of these questions here for you. If you have questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ASSOCIATION: What is the association between IITF and Thomas Jefferson School of Law

IITF and Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL) have enjoyed an association for some 8 years now. This started off as a collaboration to offer truly international tax programs to the African market, via a a well respected educational institution. For further verification please view our ACCREDITATION PAGE.

ACCREDITATION: Through what entities are programs accredited?


LIVE LECTURES: How exactly does IITF deliver these courses?

All program are delivered to students via the Internet. This makes the deployment of information so much quicker. It is also far more convenient for students to study via the Internet.

Study materials are deployed via our own CAMPUS system and lectures are held LIVE via the Internet on the WEBEX lecture system.

As a requirement by our accreditation partner, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, through the American Bar Association, all courses are required to be accompanied by LIVE lectures.

WEBEX allows you to plug into the lecture from anywhere in the world, directly from your personal computer (or any Apple and Android Smart Device).

All lectures are also recorded and archived, making it very easy to refer back to previous lectures, or catch up on missed lectures.

In 2013 we have also introduced the following platforms (over and above our own CAMPUS system) to make attending lectures and acquiring lecture materials far easier for students:

  • MobileLecture – We have introduced this facility whereby you can now attend your live lectures using any one of the following platforms:
    • Windows Computer

COST: What are the costs involved?

Please review each program separately as there are different associated costs.

ENROLLMENT: How do I enroll for a program?

Each program has a separate enrollment form. This form is available off the home page of each program.

REQUIREMENTS: What are the requirements to be accepted on any programs?

Please visit the respective homepage of the program you wish to inquire about.

INFORMATION: Where do I get more information regarding the programs/ courses?

Each program has its own page on this website.

CONTACT: Who do I contact for more information?

If you require any direct assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our contact us page for contact details. There are different offices for different regions in the world. Please view the region applicable to you. Click here to visit our contact page.