Formation of The IITF Academy for Financial Services (AFS)

Formation of The IITF Academy for Financial Services (AFS)

The IITF has established the IITF Academy for Financial Services (AFS).  There is an ever increasing need, due to the regulations of the Financial Services Board (FSB) of South Africa, for people within the financial services industry to remain up to date through education.  This puts a significant burden on these people and financial services organisations, because there is just NOT enough training institutions available to assist.

For example, there are 140,000 people in the financial services industry that are supposed to pass a very difficult exam on the FAIS Act.  The materials are available and the exam is at a cost.  The significant factor is that this exam has a pass rate of only 12%, and all of the 140,000 people mentioned are to pass this exam by the end of 2011 or else they will not be able to fulfill the roles they currently occupy!

This has put a significant burden on the financial services industry, not only from a cost point of view, but also the amount of man-hours it is taking for people to pass this exam.

AFS will be offering a short course for people wanting to write this exam at a very competitive price, which will increase the pass rate for those doing the course to at least 80%.  The course will commence on 1 August, and will be run for the remainder of the year.

AFS will also be introducing a number of other short courses that will comply with the stringent regulations of the FSB, and will count towards the credits required to keep current with the FSB regulations, as well as a full University Degree in Financial Services.

If you are interested in this course please send the IITF an e-mail to

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