Gil Ferreira | Africa Representative

Gil Ferreira | Africa Representative

Africa Representative: International Institute for Tax & Finance (Africa)

Gil Ferreira is the Africa Representative of the International Institute of Tax and Finance’s (IITF) Africa Office.  He has held this position for the last 3 years.

Gil spent the first 10 years of his career in the Information Technology sector, starting that career as a technician at Microsoft.  In the early days of the Internet he became the Chief Technology Officer of Travel Technologies division for the Internet incubator company eCompany Ltd.  This position lasted for 4 years after which he started consulting as an independent consultant to companies looking for integrated Internet solutions.

Shortly after this, in 2004, he became extensively involved with one of his clients,, who specialized in delivering unique tax information and tax events to its clients using web technologies.  Gil assisted in migrating to its current form, Tax Talk, and in so doing, turning Tax Talk into the foremost tax publication and tax events company in South Africa. was part of a parent company at the time and during the metamorphosis to Tax Talk, one of the primary objectives was to launch Tax Talk as a stand alone entity.  Tax Talk has been running as an independent company since 2004.

During 2004,’s parent company also went through a complete metamorphosis, migrating from a traditional law firm to a niche tax-consulting firm.  Gil became the Chief Operating Officer of the newly formed Tax Risk Management Services, and in tandem with assisting Tax Talk, helped turn TRM Services in one of the predominant niche tax-consulting firms in South Africa.  In 2008 the TRM team embarked on creating an international presence.

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