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Here Are 10 Geo-Political Economic Trends To Watch

Paper by: George Mentz

1. Energy Independence Innovation – Technology
has made finding and harvesting oil and gas much more accurate and
cost-effective everywhere. Large or luxury auto sales will continue regardless
of MPG or pollution ratings.  Energy
independence is now an expanded option in the US and the Americas and the oil
problems offshore are not a material threat to the USA economy but more a
threat to China, India, Africa, and the EU. 
USA energy independence with Oil, Gas, Hydro, Solar and Nuclear will be
plenty to fuel the electric economy, transportation, and electric cars of North
American for decades to come as the North American Population is only 5{b06cedb1f011d3d3f6a1c33a760a476dc6dfea155d38995b45f2b0268ae5099b} of the
global population.

2. Green Commuting – More Federal and Fortune
500 jobs will be moved to the heartland for working mothers and fathers and the
disabled who can’t commute long distances. 
People are tired of commuting and will work from home given the option.
Thus, less oil and gas is needed due to telecommuting. Lifestyle is becoming
more important to working families. Being able to work from home and raise a
family could become a civil rights issue.

3. Inner City Taxes are a Kiss of Death to
– Citizens will take necessary steps to avoid modernized taxes
or inner-city taxation. People will buy and build right outside of states such
as: New York, California, or outside of cities such as Chicago, Boston, LA or
San Fran. States like Texas, Tennessee, Florida and other Federal tax free
jurisdiction will gain momentum while acquiring the bulk of the baby boomer
retirees who want to stretch their incomes.

4. Education for Families – People will
live where there are the highest quality school districts. Otherwise, parents
may: a) home school their kids, b) send their children to private schools, c)
use tutors, or d) use online study.

5. Commercial Buildings – More and more
commercial sites will be converted to family housing in small cities.  Malls may be converted to restaurants and
stores that provide more gathering activities for families.

6. Global Workforce – The
demographics of fast growing regions such as India, China and
Indonesia/Malaysia should continue to drive up global prosperity for the next
40 years. More college grads in the US may leave and work offshore than ever
before. More EurAsians will be relocating to North American from India, China,
Russia, Arabia, Philippines, and the EU.

7. Brick and Mortar Education Decline – Colleges
and Universities may crumble in size or fail unless value is provided. There is
an ever expanding number of free options: college courses, MOOCS (Massive
Courses), open courses, free online diplomas, free or almost free degree
options and more. These last 5 years may be the easiest years in 40 years to obtain
admission into a graduate school for law or business.

8. Strong Dollar and Markets – The strong
dollar and US stock market has fueled major spending.  Cruise lines, airlines, and travel related
companies will do great for another year. 
Lower taxes, low interest rates, low inflation, and cheap energy are
contributing to short-term economic power, building, buying and hiring.

9. Security Changes – More cities and
businesses will ramp up security and risk protection and backup systems.  Conventional security and conventional
policing is changing toward technology quickly. Look for more cameras, more
drones, more robots, more tracking, more surveillance, and more uses of stun or
paralyzing technology. Sadly, drones are now used for anonymous terror and
bombings which creates higher demands for drone busting systems.

10. Branchless Banking In 2015, I predicted
a shift to Cyber Cashless Exchanges that are powered by:  ABG & P etc. –  Amazon (a- coin), Alibaba (b-coin)  Ebay (e-coin), Google (g-coin) and PayPal
(p-coin), and other related companies. It’s also possible big players like
Visa, Amex, Discover, and Schwab will do deals with companies like Amazon and
Apple to provide branchless banking worldwide. 
While branches may seem obsolete, any bank can expand services to include:  Insurance, Investing, Bill Pay, Lottery,
Testing, Notary, Title Services, and have computers that may provide an array
of services for a fee.

6 January 2020
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