MARCUS EVANS: Practical Transfer Pricing (Kenya)

MARCUS EVANS: Practical Transfer Pricing (Kenya)

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Please find the documents as discussed by Prof. Erasmus herewith

Download Presentation (PowerPoint, 18,1mb)

Further to the above, we are also making a number of interesting documents available with regards to Transfer Pricing.

  1. Attendee (MS Word, 22kb)
  2. BNA Managing Transfer Pricing Documentation – updated approach (PDF, 227kb)
  3. E&Y Global Transfer Pricing Study EY 2011 (PDF, 4,7mb)
  4. E&Y NEW Thin Cap Rules in SA by E&Y (PDF, 118kb)
  5. E&Y_tax_highlights_across_Africa (PDF, 2mb)
  6. Kenya Income Tax Act (PDF, 1,5mb)
  7. KENYA summary (MS Word, 46kb)
  8. The Constitution of Kenya (PDF, 1,3mb)
  9. OECD Model Tax Convention (PDF, 193kb)
  11. TANZANIA incometax_2004 (PDF, 299kb)
  12. TANZANIA summary (MSWord, 41kb)
  13. Tanzania Constitution (PDF, 20kb)
  14. Time schedule Kenya (MS Excel, 16kb)
  15. TP Legislation joint summaries Uganda Kenya Tanzania (MS Word, 31kb)
  16. Uganda Income_Tax_(Transfer_Pricing)_Regulations_2011[1] (PDF, 270kb)
  17. UGANDA summary (MS Word, 47kb)
  18. UGANDA_Tax Laws (PDF, 1,7mb)
  19. Uganda Constitution (PDF, 469kb)

Other Interesting Documents

  1. ATAF_Case_study_on_TP_methods (MS Word, 188kb)
  2. ATAF_Case_study_on_TP_methods (PowerPoint, 524b)
  3. ATAF Presentation on intangibles (MS Word, 70kb)
  4. ATAF Presentation on intangibles (PowerPoint, 609kb)
  5. ATAF_Risk_Management_and_Taxpayer_Service_Uganda_May_2010_English (PowerPoint, 413kb)
  6. Canada Thesis LLM info on declaring potential disputes on TP under INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND TAXATION THE GATT and DOMESTIC TAX POLICY_ubc_1995-0397 (PDF, 27mb)
  7. Commentary Article 9 OECD Income and Capital Model Convention and Commentary (2010) (PDF, 100kb)
  8. CUP Xmas tree case study tp-lecture-notes (PDF, 758kb)
  9. E&Y tax mobility highlights across Africa (PDF, 2,2mb)
  10. EAST AFRICA Deloitte Publications_IncomeTax 2011 (PDF, 686kb)
  11. East Africa Transfer Pricing Guidelines (PDF, 287kb)
  12. Ghana Transfer Pricing (PDF, 545kb)
  13. Ghana Transfer Pricing Article – Tax Talk (PDF, 307kb)
  14. Global Transfer Pricing Study EY 2011 (PDF, 4,9mb)
  15. ICC Transfer Pricing Documentation Model 180-498-final (PDF, 226kb)
  16. ICC Transfer Pricing Policy (PDF, 138kb)
  17. Introduction to Transfer Pricing TJSL (PDF, 262mb)
  18. KENYA TaxForm (PDF, 176kb)
  19. MALAWI TaxForm (PDF, 655kb)
  20. MAURITIUS TaxForm (PDF, 61kb)
  21. NEW Thin Cap Rules in SA by E&Y (PDF, 123kb)
  22. NIGERIA TaxForm (PDF, 217kb)
  26. PWC transfer-pricing (PDF, 283kb)
  27. SOUTH AFRICA TaxForm (PDF, 397kb)
  28. TP Functional Analysis QA (PDF, 61kb)
  29. Transfer Pricing Practice Note 7 of 6 August 1999 (PDF, 127kb)
  30. Transfer Pricing Methods (PDF, 459kb)
  31. Transfer Pricing Practice Note 7 of 6 August 1999 (PDF, 120kb)
  32. TP general_report absence of comparatives Guglielmo Maisto (PDF, 477kb)
  33. TP Comparability Analysis (PDF, 356kb)
  34. TP Audits and Risk Assessment (PDF, 184kb)
  35. TP Adjustments (PDF, 20kb)
  36. Transfer pricing in the recession (PowerPoint, 183kb)
  37. Unilever Income Tax Appeal 753 of 2003 (PDF, 57kb)

Double Tax Treaty Tax Highlights

  1. Algeria
  2. Angola
  3. Benin
  4. Botswana
  5. Cameroon
  6. DRC
  7. Egypt
  8. Equatorial Guinea
  9. Gabon
  10. Gambia
  11. Ghana
  12. Ivory Coast
  13. Kenya
  14. Libya
  15. Madagascar
  16. Malawi
  17. Mauritius
  18. Morocco
  19. Mozambique
  20. Namibia
  21. Nigeria
  22. Rwanda
  23. Senegal
  24. Sudan
  25. Tanzania
  26. Tunisia
  27. Uganda
  28. Zambia
  29. Zimbabwe

If you experience problems downloading the documents please do not hesitate to contact us at

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