Postgraduate Certificate (PG-C) in South African Tax Law – Validation to be finalised (Middlesex University)

The Postgraduate Certificate in International Taxation is an introductory course in the study of International Tax.  It is an 11-month programme designed for people who merely want to obtain an overview of the subject.  It is ideal for those who need to understand the basic principles of International Tax, but will not necessarily be a technician in the field.  

The programme is covered in 2 modules:

Module 1

The main aim of this module is to introduce the student of South African Tax Law through exploring the general principles of Gross Income and Deduction.

Case law will be used to further explore accrual, gross income, deductions and incurred 


Lastly, the aim is to detail the employee tax system, exploring fringe benefits and analysis of remuneration.

Module 2

The main aim of this module is to introduce the student to a South African Tax Law and how it relates to companies.  By now the student will have a good understanding of how to read and interpret case law, but this module further expands on this skill.  The ability to read and interpret the law is also further expanded and the student delves deeper into the Income Tax Act, but also the newer Tax Administration Act (TAA), which is an important piece of legislation for the interaction between the South African Revenue Service the Taxpayer.

The module also unpacks the general principles relating to the source of income tax.  The TAA is further unpacked in the analysis of special capital deductions.

And the last aim is to unpack the VAT Act and VAT system that operates in South Africa

Who will benefit from this programme?

This programme has been designed for individuals seeking to develop an overview and basic practical understanding of South African Tax Law.  The typical audience will consist of in-house tax specialists, tax practitioners in private practice, revenue authorities, government officials, economists and lawyers.

People who would most benefit from this programme are:

  • In house tax specialists Head of Tax
  • Tax Manager
  • Tax Director
  • Head of Corporate Tax
  • Tax Accountant
  • Tax Advisor
  • Finance Director; Head of Group Taxation
  • Tax Partner
  • Senior Tax Consultant
  • Partner

Progression Path

By successfully completing all the assessments in modules 1 and 2 the candidate has the to opportunity complete a further 2 modulus (roughly the same length) to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in South African Tax Law.

Next Intake

The next intake will take place after final validation by Middlesex University.  It is anticipated to be in the second quarter of 2022.

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