PG-C/ PG-D/ MSc in International Taxation

International Tax is the study and practice that centres on the application of taxes and tax law in the international community as it relates to individuals, businesses and government agencies conducting cross-border commerce. The myriad of tax treaties, territorial tax laws and their effect on extraterritorial income requires the interpretive expertise of scholars and practitioners who specialise in international taxation.

The complexities of International Taxation dominate the landscape for multinational organisations trying to conduct business in multiple jurisdictions.  This often results in international tax playing a major role in conducting cross-border transactions.

This course, developed by leading international taxation specialists with their finger on the pulse of current market needs, at both advisory and in-house level, will provide a firm grounding on all must-know International Tax areas. Upon completion, students will be fully equipped to confidently pursue a career in international taxation.

The I/I/T/F has been delivering the Postgraduate Diploma in International Tax since 2011.  In its current form, the programme has been offered successfully, in conjunction with I/I/T/F’s partners, InformatConmnect and Middlesex University, since 2020.  

In 2021 it was, however, decided to expand the International Tax offering to include the introductory Postgraduate Certificate, as well as the more advanced Masters in International Taxation in conjunction with the Postgraduate Diploma.  Both the certification and masters programmes are in process of being validated by Middlesex University and we are confident that they will be available for participation by the second quarter of 2022.  The Postgraduate Diploma in Transfer Pricing is already validated and is available to candidates for participation.  The next PG-D intake is March 2022.

I/I/T/F has developed the entire programme in three stages that flow directly from one stage into another.  This offers the student the opportunity to conclude the PG-C and then move directly into the PG-D (and the MSc if desired) seamlessly, without having to repeat any module or topic.

  • Stage 1 is divided into 2 modules containing 11 teaching weeks each.  Stage 1 will conclude the Postgraduate Certificate portion.  
  • Stage 2 is divided into 2 modules containing 11 teaching weeks each.  Stage 2 will conclude the Postgraduate Diploma portion.  
  • Stage 3 consists of only one module to complete the dissertation.

Postgraduate Certificate (PG-C) in International Taxation

Postgraduate Diploma (PG-D) in International Taxation

Masters (MSc) in International Taxation

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